personal branding tips - part 2

Personal Branding Series - Surviving, Succeeding, and Standing Apart by Branding Yourself

Personal Branding promotes an identity of the individual that communicates on an entirely new level.

It cleverly informs clients that the entrepreneur is a knowledgeable professional who brings more than a roster of products to the table - that he or she is a person with experiences and goals in common with the audience.

Emotional AppealThis approach appeals more to emotion than to numbers, though the idea of financial security and prosperous investing is always an undercurrent. Rather than relegate the advisor to a mug shot and a bio on LinkedIn, personal marketing makes the advisor the star of the show.

Attract Don't ChaseAttract Rather Than Chase Personal Branding works for many reasons:
• It emphasizes "niche marketing," where professionals target certain segments of the population that fit their personality and skills
• It allows advisors to attract the clients they want instead of chasing after anyone they can find
• It’s "downturn-proof" because it focuses on individual attributes that remain constant, no matter what the market does
• It’s creative and memorable, unlike the generic, template-based advertising that is provided in most industries
Most important, personal marketing works because it acknowledges that service industries are about people working with people, not companies working with clients. It’s a human approach that makes consumers feel comfortable about calling an advisor.

And considering that at least 75% of buying decisions are based on emotion - not logic - that’s a strong appeal.

In an age of Google, blogs, web service companies, and corporations who deliver rubber-stamper services, entrepreneurs who realize that they, not their products, are the real commodity will be the ones industries look to for leadership in the not-so-distant future. YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram are creating a whole new reality for personal branding.

The Personal Brand Connection
Use your Personal Brand to generate better results and greater profits. Marketing the products you sell might seem logical, but your prospects do not make buying decisions based solely on logic. When it comes to close, people hire your services because they like you and relate to you, They have no relationship with your products or services, only the individual selling them. That’s why Personal Branding is so important.

Branding Yourself
Personal Branding focuses on you: your experience, your character, and your skills. It turns you into a "brand" in a brand-driven society. Branding addresses the core issue of the modern marketplace: when competitors are equal, a brand that sets itself apart in the perceptions of the buyer will be successful. Personal Branding shapes perceptions. So does Personal Marketing - the nuts and bolts process of putting your brand in the public eye.

Quality Look and Feel
Most independent professionals create cheap marketing that looks cheap. The thinking is usually "I’m saving money," when the reality is "I’m losing clients." Your prospects will be swayed just as much by the quality of your Personal Marketing materials - your Personal Blog, your website, your, Instagram or YouTube Channel - as by their content. Bad layouts and poorly planned photos telegraph unprofessionalism. Industry leaders produce marketing with quality in mind. They have materials professionally designed, opt for professional photography. You should do the same: your marketing tools are the vanguard of the Personal Brand that will attract the clients you truly desire.

Compelling Content
Marketing materials that focus on nothing but hard facts are the least effective, because people don’t make buying decisions based on facts. They buy emotionally, and justify their emotional decisions with logic. A page full of numbers and financial data will put the cart before the horse, and intimidate and bore a prospect. A marketing truth: you can’t bore people into doing business with you.
Personal marketing, on the other hand, presents your services in the context of your Personal Brand (your background, your sense of humor, your life) to make you human, and interesting. Leading Personal Brands generate an emotional response from prospects, who link the Personal Brand with valuable attributes and characteristics.

Positioning means defining yourself within your industry as a provider of something unique and/or essential. Brands are constantly positioned for an example, turn to the auto industry. Volvo’s position is the "safe" car. BMW’s slogan, "The Ultimate Driving Machine," positions it as a performance car. The Honda Accord is positioned as "reliable," while the Mazda Miata is "fun," and Cadillac is "traditional American luxury." Each successful brand stakes out mindshare. What is yours?